Mumbai Coworking is proud to be one of the first coworking spaces in India to offer ‘Night Coworking’. A concept still largely new in our city, we thought we’d take the step to make this option available.

Businesses working with international clients need to work nights. There are not a lot of options available for that, and they usually end up having to rent a corporate personal office. Being extremely expensive, these places can turn out to be useless. A new business needs to be tested out and up and running before you make a long-term commitment to anything, even leasing an office space.

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A better alternative is renting a coworking space. Apart from being easy on the pocket, it includes more than basic facilities without having to shell out extra on them. No money spent on hiring a maid, coffee to keep you up, internet, and things that you otherwise would have to pay for after spending a bomb on rent.

Mumbai Coworking offers all the services for night coworking that we do for day coworking.

Click here to set up your night office with Mumbai coworking starting from Rs. 7,500 with access to meeting room & many premium facilities.