Are you a business looking for networking opportunities with budding startups and entrepreneurs?

Become a business partner & get a month’s access to our community to connect with like minded people at just Rs. 4,000/-


1. A floating seat for a month
2. Anytime access to our coworking community
3. A chance to increase your brand presence and generate leads
4. A feature article on our website’s blog page which generates unique visitors every day

Who can apply:

  • Any B2B or B2C business looking to increase their reach
  • Business looking to give out free samples or trials to our community of budding startups and entrepreneurs
  • Any business wanting to interact with or conduct surveys of people

For brands interested in sampling:

If you’re a brand looking to sample your product with our coworking community, here are the best timings to make a bigger impact –

  1. Monday Morning – The first thing people see when they walk into the office? Your product! With you helping them get rid of Monday morning blues, your brand will definitely leave a strong impression.
  2. Evening Snacks – Employees are drained out by evening. Skipping the 5 pm tea and having a change of menu to your delicious sample will keep you in their hearts forever.

If you’d like to partner with us, call +91 92222 13191 or email us at

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