Late night food delivery has been a saviour to many. Hunger can strike anywhere. Working late, too tired to go outside, or just coming home after a long night, cravings can hit anytime. To help curb your hunger pangs, here’s a list of night delivery places that can find you. The only effort you’ll have to make is to decide what to order 😀

1) Anda Apna Apna

Adna Apna Apna is located in Azad Nagar and offers late night food delivery in Mumbai till 3:30 am. The entire menu is inspired by the movie ‘Andaz Apna Apna’.

Call: +91 99204 37197


2) AndaMental

AndaMental is a piece of heaven for egg lovers. They serve some scrumptious egg dishes that are healthy and easy to eat. This small joint in Azad Nagar delivers home and is open till 3:30am.

Call: 022 30151468


Anda Mental - late night food in Mumbai

3) Bhukka Sher

This joint in 4 Bungalows is very famous for its bullet naan and variety of chicken dishes like butter chicken, chicken roll and chicken tandoori momos. They deliver till 2am.

Call: +91 8291055512 / +91 8291055513


4) Bhukkad Dhaba

Bhukkad Dhaba is notable for its naan turnovers. An awesome place to grab a bite early in the morning too as this place in Oshiwara is open till 5am.

Call: +91 84335 07647 / +91 84335 07648


Bhukkad dhaba - late night food in Mumbai

5) Fatboy’s Kitchen

Fatboy’s Kitchen in Azad Nagar serves kickass burgers late at night. Their food tastes as good as it looks.

Call: 022 30151698


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6) Go Biryan

Go Biryan’s outlet in Andheri is open till 3:30am. Their Chicken Tikka Biryani, Bohri Style Lamb, and Butter Chicken Biryani are a must try.

Call: 022 65348844 / 022 26348855


7) Hogg Quarter’s

Hogg Quarter’s in Jogeshwari West delivers Italian and Continental cuisines and the burgers here are worth a try. It delivers till 4am.

Call: +91 88797 87305 / +91 88797 87304


8) House 24

This delivery only joint serves Chinese and Mughlai cuisines. House 24 has a quick delivery service, as noted by its customers, and is known for its momos and tandoori.

Call: 022 65656030 / +91 9004023770


9) Hungry Buds

Hungry Buds is operational till 4:30am and has one of the best gajar ka halwas in the city. Try out their Mughlai cuisine for a tongue-tantalizing experience.

Call: +91 8291095561 / +91 8291095562


10) Local – World Cuisine Kitchen

Local is located away from all the city’s hustle and bustle, tucked in a corner off the main road. The food here is fantastic and a sin to miss out on. Local is open from midnight to 4:30am.

Call: 022 30151733


11) Mandarin Kitchen

Mandarin Kitchen serves Thai and Asian cuisines, but they specialize in Chinese food too. This restaurant in 7 bungalows runs till 4am.

Call: +91 88284 92160 / +91 88284 92170


12) Masala Cuisine

Masala Cuisine is open only after the sun sets and delivers delicious fresh food. They’re loved for their rolls, tandoori and dum biryani.

Call: 022 26322222


13) The Night Chulhaa

As the name suggests, The Night Chulhaa is one of the typical late night restaurants in Mumbai that run only at night from 7pm to 5am. Their chicken zaikedar slider is raved about by the customers.

Call: +91 80977 00061 / +91 80977 00062


Night Chullah - late night food in Mumbai

14) The Third House

Located in Lokhandwala, this place doesn’t have any seating arrangements. Famous for their healthy food items, this is a great spot for late night food delivery in Mumbai till 4am.

Call: +91 77188 09001 / +91 77188 09002


15) Yalla Yalla

Yalla Yalla is open everyday till 3:30am and exclusively serve Middle Eastern cuisines. One of the most wonderful dishes here is their chicken shawarma.

Call: +91 76780 39898 / 022 26319898


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Disclaimer: This list is in alphabetical order.

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